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06 May The History and Evolution of Drilling Augers
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Construction today is synonymous with efficiency. At the heart of this drive for optimized performance sits the unassuming tool— the drilling auger. It may seem like a standard instrument on a constru..
11 Mar 4 Different Kinds of Ground Anchors for Drilling Projects
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Before beginning a drilling project, one of the most critical considerations you must make is the type of ground anchor to use. This essential tool provides the necessary support and stability to ensu..
14 Feb The Dangers of Digging Near Underground Utilities
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As cities expand, so does the need for underground utilities. These hidden systems of pipelines and cables power homes and offices, transport water, and keep us connected to the Internet. However, dig..
28 Dec A Comprehensive Guide to Auger Drilling Techniques
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This world contains various processes that helped build it. Yet, our roads and communities wouldn’t be possible without construction workers.Many workers use auger drilling in construction, environmen..
04 Dec A Complete Guide to Solid Stem vs. Hollow Stem Augers
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Excavation and drilling tools perform unique functions in many industries. Solid and hollow stem augers are the most common among these tools. Although similar in name, they possess unique characteris..
17 Oct How Advanced Auger Technology Optimizes Drilling Processes
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From foundation drilling to drilling boreholes for utility poles, advanced auger technology has revolutionized the construction industry. This technology enables efficient and precise drilling for var..
15 Sep The Benefits of Continuous Flight Auger Drilling
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Efficiency, safety, and precision are of utmost importance in construction and drilling. Continuous flight auger (CFA) drilling has been making waves in the industry for its ability to deliver on thes..
10 Aug A Basic Introduction to Kelly Bars for Drilling Rigs
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Kelly bars play a crucial role in the operation of drilling rigs. Whether it's foundational drilling, construction, or mining applications, these essential pieces of equipment make the drilling proces..
26 Jul A Guide to Auger Drilling Regulations and Safety Standards
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For construction associates, staying current on the latest safety standards and regulations is paramount for protecting workers, preventing equipment damage, and completing projects on time. This guid..
28 Jun The Importance of Maintaining a Drilling Auger Regularly
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With the advent of modern foundation drilling technology, ensuring that your construction business is properly maintaining drills and augers has never been more critical. Without proper maintenance, t..
28 Jun 8 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Drilling Industry
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We use methods in the drilling industry for several types of applications. We use core drilling for cutting through concrete, foundation drilling for stabilizing structures, oil drilling for accessing..
09 May A Quick Guide to Deep Foundation Drilling Methods
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When the ground beneath the earth’s surface cannot support a foundation, a construction crew must utilize drilling methods to accomplish a deeper, more stable, and secure foundation. In this quick gui..
25 Apr How Core Drilling Is Used in Construction
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No matter your construction project, you will likely need to use core drilling at least once. Core drilling is a popular method for creating boreholes for various uses. Keep reading to know what this ..
25 Apr Top Tips for Maintaining Your Auger Blades
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There is no tool in construction that you can use without it needing maintenance or cleaning. Maintaining these tools is essential; otherwise, the equipment cannot function to its full extent. This br..
24 Apr 5 Things You Should Know About Augers
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A dirt auger is vital in the construction industry for drilling holes through the earth. As the tool operator, you should know a few things about dirt augers so the tool can run efficiently. Familiari..
21 Apr The Difference Between Friction and Interlocking Kelly Bars
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Kelly bars are necessary tools in hydraulic rotary drilling rigs to make boreholes in the earth. You can use two types of kelly bars for this task: friction and interlocking. Keep reading to learn the..
21 Apr Everything You Need To Know About Helical Pier Anchors
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One of the most important aspects of building construction is to have a supportive foundation. Without the foundation, you cannot build or support a structure. However, sometimes you may need to suppo..
07 Mar Should You Rebuild or Replace Your Auger?
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Keeping on schedule and being productive is necessary when working on a construction site or work zone. However, the tools we use, such as augers, can experience wear and tear that could harm producti..
27 Feb Everything You Need To Know About Foundation Drilling
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Foundation drilling is one of the most essential methods construction businesses use. Without it, we wouldn’t see the development of large office buildings, bridges, or skyscrapers. What is foundation..
23 Feb What Causes Excessive Wear on Rock Augers?
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An individual or construction crew might need a rock auger to drill through hard or rocky soil. The harder soil can damage the attachment from time to time. However, knowing the causes of excessive we..
31 Jan Signs It's Time for New Auger Flighting
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When you purchase a tool, you know that the longer and more often you use it, the more likely it will experience wear and tear. The same goes for auger flighting. It’s an essential part of drilling ho..
24 Jan How Soil Conditions Can Affect Auger Boring
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Soil will not be the same on every work site—one day, you might be boring holes through rock, and the next, you will be dealing with soft and sandy soil. The soil condition in the construction zone wi..
23 Jan The Complete Guide to Different Types of Augers
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In this complete guide to different types of augers, you will learn what tooling is best for certain ground conditions. Contractors will come together to determine which auger is appropriate for the n..
05 Jan The Tools You Need To Install a Utility Anchor
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To successfully stabilize a structure, you will need to install a utility anchor in the earth. You will require a few tools to carry out the job and ensure the application goes smoothly. Take a look b..
21 Dec 5 Best Tips for Using Digger Derricks Safely
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Digger derricks are versatile tools used in construction and utility work to dig holes and handle various materials. Using digger derricks safely is vital for preventing injury to workers and damage t..
21 Dec Are You Making These Top Auger Drilling Mistakes?
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When someone on a jobsite makes mistakes, whether that be with improper equipment use or failure to follow instructions, it generally leads to downtime, which costs everyone involved in the project ti..
21 Dec What Does Auger Blade Pitch Mean & Why Is It Important
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Do you know what auger blade pitch means and why it’s important to your application process? Learn more about your auger tool and how you can utilize this equipment to your advantage. In this article,..
16 Dec Why You Need Anchor Tools for Drilling Applications
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When performing drilling applications for building foundations or bridges, anchor tools are needed to support and stabilize a structure. Without these components, the building could eventually collaps..
06 Dec The Difference Between Shallow and Deep Foundations
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A foundation is a necessary structure in construction that supports and transfers the weight of a building to the earth. A shallow foundation is near the earth’s surface, while deep foundations are pl..
05 Dec What You Need To Install a Utility Anchor
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When you use a utility or ground anchor in construction, these tools act as stabilizers for foundations without a concrete-filled post hole. To install a utility anchor, you must use the correct equip..
05 Dec Top 5 Accessories for Your Utility Vehicle
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A utility vehicle on a job site helps workers carry small loads, tools, and equipment to make the job more straightforward and accessible. Typically, these vehicles are smaller trucks, or they can be ..
09 Nov What Professionals Need To Know When Choosing an Auger
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Finding the correct tool for a job application is essential for a project’s success. Specifically, this is very important when purchasing an auger because various types are available for different app..
02 Nov Different Types of Auger Teeth for Your Application
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When you’re building a foundation for a home or drilling into the ground with an auger, there are different types of teeth you should use depending on the ground condition and your application. The re..
01 Nov Tips for Maintaining Your Anchoring Tools
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When you’re building a foundation for a construction project, the foundation type, soil, and location of the structure may require you to use a component called an anchor. These anchors go into the gr..
01 Nov Is It Time To Repair or Replace Your Drilling Auger?
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Before your drilling auger reaches a point where you must repair it, understand when it’s time to replace its components. Purchasing a whole new tool could be expensive and not always feasible. Repair..
31 Oct 3 Must-Know Maintenance Tips for Kelly Bars
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Because Kelly bars are such an integral part of Kelly drilling rig configurations, it’s important that you treat them with care to get the most out of your machinery. Kelly configurations are one of t..
14 Oct What Professionals Need To Know About Auger Flighting
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Professional contractors need to know about auger flighting and the attachments for their machines so they can effectively perform job duties. Auger flighting is an important component of your tool be..
30 Sep Auger Selection Guide: How To Choose the Best Drilling Auger
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It’s never easy to refit your team with the industrial equipment they need to bore into the earth. While finding a reliable supplier is a good first step, there are a ton of specific aspects and detai..
26 Sep What To Consider When Choosing an Auger Manufacturer
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The quality of work that your construction or contracting company does, like drilling holes for a foundation, is directly impacted by the type of equipment you use. With numerous suppliers on the mark..
23 Sep Must-Have Equipment for a Successful Construction Project
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Failing to have the right equipment on a construction site could harm the progress and success of the project. While each job will call for different machines, there are a few must-have tools that are..
21 Sep Helpful Tips for Measuring Auger Flighting
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Auger flighting, or the rotating helical screw blade that makes these drills so iconic, is important for moving dirt, liquids, and more out of the way while boring into the earth or moving materials. ..
13 Sep Must-Know Tips for Replacing Bladed Auger Teeth
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The boring process puts an incredible amount of stress on your augers that will inevitably wear down the teeth. For this reason, it’s important that you know how to easily and efficiently replace your..
31 Aug What Is Horizontal Auger Boring & How Does It Work?
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Outside of experts in the field, not many people fully comprehend what horizontal auger boring is and how it works. The process involves trenchless excavation used to excavate boreholes under the Eart..
29 Jul Helicoid Flighting vs. Sectional Flighting Augers
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Augers are critical for drilling into surfaces in order to convey materials. To get the most out of your auger, however, you need to know what kind of blades—also called auger flighting—you should use..
28 Jul 5 Foundation Safety Tips for Your Next Drilling Project
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The process of drilling a foundation can be dangerous. Not only does it require heavy machinery, which always presents a hazard, but your team may need to contend with environmental factors or existin..
05 Jul 3 Signs You Need Replacement Auger Teeth
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How effective and efficient your drill performs depends entirely on the auger teeth and their condition. Maintaining your bullet teeth and knowing when to finally replace them is one of the most cruci..
10 Jun Things To Look For in a High-Quality Auger
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An auger’s primary function is to drill holes, whether they’re in wood for carpenters, soil for gardeners, or foundations for construction. These holes play a critical role in all these industries, so..
11 Jan Jeffrey Machine at The Utility Expo
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Jeffrey Machine attended the 2021 Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky from September 28 - 30. With over 3200 square feet of display space, we were able to show our newest, toughest tools. Check out ..
28 May IFCEE Interview with Gabby Sager
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Click Here to view interview with Gabby Sager..
10 May May 10th - 14th - IFCEE - Dallas, TX.
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www.ifceexpo.comRegistration: 40x100 sqft. Outdoor boothSponsorship: Diamond Package Hotel Booked: Hyatt Regency (10 rooms)..
09 May June 23rd - 25th - DFI SuperPile - Philadelphia, PA
master 0 2520
www.dfi.orgRegistration: Jeremy and one more personSponsorship:Hotel Booked:..
08 May September 28th - 30th – Utility Expo - Louisville, KY
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www.theutilityexpo.comRegistration: Outdoor Booth- 40x65 Indoor Booth- 20x30Sponsorship: none yetHotel Booked: Louisville Marriott Downtown (14 rooms)..
07 May October 12th - 15th - DFI 46th - Las Vegas, NV
master 0 1182
www.dfi.orgRegistration: Tabletop 10x10Sponsorship: noneHotel Booked: MGM Grand (2 rooms)..
06 May October 13th - 16th - International Lineman Rodeo – Overland Park, Kansas
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www.linemansrodeokc.comRegistered: Jeremy and Jason tabletop exhibitSponsorship: rolled over sponsorship from 2020 (photo booth)Hotel Booked:..
04 May April 25th - 28th – IEEE- Chicago, IL.
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Register:Sponsorship: Hotel Booked:More info coming soon!..
11 Feb Jeffrey Machine Breaks Ground on New Facility
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February 11, 2021 – Birmingham, AL – Jeffrey Machine Inc. has broken ground on a new 14,000 square foot warehouse facility. The warehouse will be the new home for stock tools and shipping and will be ..
01 Dec Jeffrey Machine 2020 Year in Review
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Business and operations in 2020 at Jeffrey Machine remained steady and successful throughout what was a difficult year for so many.  “Looking back, the word of the year for 2020 for my company was fle..
04 May Jeffrey Machine Corporate Profile for Piling Canada
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HISTORYIn 1977, Frank Sager opened the doors to Jeffrey Machine (named for his son and current owner Jeffrey Sager) as a small machine, tool and die shop in Birmingham, Alabama. Frank Sager, a machini..
06 Apr Jeffrey Machine Welcomes Cindy Liles as Outside Sales Representative
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April 6, 2020 – Birmingham, AL – Jeffrey Machine Inc.  announces the appointment of Cindy Liles as an Outside Sales Representative for the South-Central region for the company. Liles will work in all ..
01 Oct Jeffrey Machine MCS Corporate Profile
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Jeffrey Machine opened its doors in 1977 as a small machine shop in Birmingham, Alabama and has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturer of augers and other drilling tools. Our customer-cent..
23 Sep Joe Wheeler State Park June 6, 2018
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Presentation for the UFMA Spring meeting was a success at Joe Wheeler State Park..
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The following article appeared in the August 2013 issue of The Utility Source and is used here with permission.The following article follows how a small machine shop was pulled into in the utility con..
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The following article appeared in the August 2013 issue of New Construction Products and is used here with permission.Okay, so you have a job that requires boring holes for some utility poles. Tight t..
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The following article first appeared in the May 2012 issue of The Utility Source and is used here with permission.The following story tracks how an idea from the field was developed into this incredib..
22 Apr Jeffrey Machine Econo Auger
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Jeffrey Machine announces the addition of a new tool to their lineup. The Econo Auger still has their standard fabricated drive box and pin, 1”thick flighting with lifting eye hole and Z-pattern hard ..
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Jeffrey Machine is always continuing to expand. We are proud to announce our now open location in Euless, Texas in the former Voss Parts & Supply.James Bowen will be our sales representative at the Eu..
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February 7, 2019 – Birmingham, AL – Jeffrey Machine Inc. announces the appointment of Jason Hopper as an Outside Sales Representative for the company. Jason will work in all aspects of sales including..
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This article written by Bob Green first appeared in the Jan/Feb 2013 edition of the IMSA Journal and is used here by permission.Drilling a five foot deep hole in rock shouldn’t be a problem with a pres..
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The following article first appeared in the February 2013 issue of Foundation Drilling and is used here with permission.The following comes to us from ADSC Associate Member, Jeffrey Machine, Birmingha..
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The following article first appeared in Civil Infrastructure and is used here with permission.What do you do when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place? In the following case study, a contracto..
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The following article written by Kelly Gray appeared in the Q4 2013 issue of Piling Canada and is used here with permission.WHEN YOU HAVE TO GET BELOW GROUND, JEFFREY MACHINE IS TOPS IN TOOLSWhen Terv..
06 Sep Jeffrey Machine Partners with Betek
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September 6, 2018- Birmingham, AL - In February 2018, Birmingham, Alabama-based Jeffrey Machine, the world’s leading manufacturer of foundation and utility drilling tools, was named one of three distr..
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Jeffrey Machine attended IFCEE (International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo) in early March 2018 in Orlando Florida. The show attracts companies and individuals in the drilling foundation in..
01 Apr Jeffrey Machine Modern Contractor
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Jeffrey Machine had a record-breaking year in 2018 and 2019 is tracking to be even better.  To begin with, they recently announced the addition of a new tool to their lineup. The Econo Auger still has..