Professional contractors need to know about auger flighting and the attachments for their machines so they can effectively perform job duties. Auger flighting is an important component of your tool because it aids in conveying and drilling through various materials and soils. Learn more about this component, its important functions, a few different types, and how our company, Jeffrey Machine, can help you fulfill your flighting needs.

What Is Auger Flighting?

Flighting is the formed helical section of your auger. This component is typically made from carbon steel to smoothly pull soil and soft rock from the earth. A manufacturer produces flighting by forming steel into the correct dimensions for the type of application or job you’ll be performing.

Main Job Functions of Auger Flighting

The flighting on your tool is the component that comes in contact with the material you’re digging. Professionals should know that auger flighting has little to do with conveying the material and more to do with compacting the sides of the hole you’re digging so the soil does not collapse onto itself once you’re done. This component must rotate continuously to displace and carry soil and soft rock out of the hole—if any flights are worn, or you choose the wrong one for your application, you could be causing damage to your auger and preventing effective digging.

Different Types of Flighting

Each type of material calls for alternate flighting because not all components work the same. Thinner steel flighting can be used for applications that include soft rock, gravel, and stable soils but never for cement or asphalt because the material could break or damage the flight.

Hollow stem flights have the advantage of adding different bits and teeth to the center head of the attachment to drill and cut through different materials. For example, attach carbide teeth to this flighting to drill through hard rock and stiff deposits. Consider the type of job you are fulfilling to ensure you’re picking the right flight.

Jeffrey Machine Custom Flighting

If you’re ever in the market for custom auger flighting, consider choosing Jeffrey Machine for your needs. After you give us the specifications and dimensions, we will create a custom flight for your tool.

When choosing flighting for your auger, consider the blades’ angle because that could determine the strength and effectiveness of the tool. Now that you understand more about these attachments, you can make a better decision for your work applications. Contact Jeffrey Machine if you cannot find the proper components for your auger; our experienced staff would love to help custom-build flighting for your equipment.