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High-Definition Plasma Cutting Services

A leader in foundation and industrial auger manufacturing since 1977, Jeffrey Machine is known for crafting tools capable of withstanding a wide range of drilling conditions. We pride ourselves on producing a wide range of augers and equipment. Our products are made in America at our huge facility in Birmingham, AL, where we perform engineering and field tests to ensure quality. With hi-def plasma cutting machines, we are able to maintain precision with everything we design. 

Our high-definition steel plasma cutting services capabilities include:

  • 200 – 400 AMP Plasma Machines with Beveling Capabilities
  • Up to 800” Continuous Bevel & Burn Capabilities
  • HPR 400XD with True Hole Technology
  • Plasma Cut Bevels up to 2” Mild Steel & 1.75” Stainless
  • Marking & Etching Capabilities

We stock .125” – 2” Mild Steel in various grades such as A36, A572 GR50, A514-T1, AR400, Chrome Carbide overlay plate.
We stock up to 1.5” Stainless Steel Plate.
Quick turn around on small orders (1-2 Day)

CNC plasma cutting services involve using a jet of superheated, electronically ionized gas, or plasma, to cut through electronically conductive materials. This process is used to cut materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper in an efficient time frame with unparalleled precision. As you may suspect, such a process requires specialized equipment and expertise to do it correctly and safely. With Jeffrey Machine’s machining services, we’ll be able to do just that and then quickly have it returned to you. No process is superior to plasma cutting, so don’t skimp when cuts need to be as precise as possible to achieve their intended goal. 

Use our contact form to reach out to experts at Jeffrey Machine today. Find out more about our high-definition steel plasma cutting services, custom fabrication and welding, and other manufacturing services. You can find out more about our hi-def plasma cutting and other manufacturing services online or by talking with any of our experts. Our employees will be happy to help you determine what products and services are right for you and get you acquainted with the process.