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Steel Plate Rolling

At Jeffrey Machine, we pride ourselves on our superior steel plate rolling services. Our expertise in plate forming and sheet metal rolling ensures that every project receives the attention it deserves. Whether you are seeking plate or sheet metal rolling, our services hold the solution to your company’s most desired needs.

From complex plate forming projects to the nuances of sheet metal rolling, we can deliver outstanding results tailored to your specifications. Learn more about us and what our steel plate rolling team can do for you.

For more than four decades, Jeffrey Machine has been an expert in foundation and utility equipment manufacturing. We specialize in creating state-of-the-art auger tools with enhanced capabilities to stay ahead of the competition. One such tool, our plate forming machine, provides you with access to the precise construction of tubes, cylinders, cones, segments, and more. 

With our plate rolling services, we create metal tunnels and tubes for a variety of applications. Trust our expert metal rolling services to precisely construct steel to the shape and diameter you need. People from around the globe rely on us for top-quality tools, equipment, and services that makes the rigorous challenges of foundation drilling manageable. We know better than anyone that, for a strong foundation, you need the best auger components, tubing, and more to achieve your goals.

The following features are available through our industrial plate rolling machine: 

  • Cuts lead time on Buckets, Caissons, Core Barrels, and more 
  • Forms steel 2” thick to 10’ long 
  • Customizable for 24” diameter up to 15’ diameter

Components, like drill shafts, are crucial for providing your foundation support—especially for structures with large axial and later loads. Investing in quality metal rolling services will ensure you provide your project with a firm foundation that will hold up against the tests of time. Never take the risk of using lower quality components when only the very best is so easily within reach.

Contact Jeffrey Machine today to learn more about what our plate rolling services can do for your business. Though we may be comfortably nestled in Birmingham, AL, you’ll be able to see the quality of our work and understand why we’re so trusted and sought after worldwide. With our experts having honed their craft during our over 45 years of service, you’ll see the difference in quality while also saving time and energy on projects when you work with us