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Auger Repair | Auger Maintenance Services

Anything used in the drilling industry will eventually wear down due to constant and intensive use. It’s simply a matter of time until auger components begin to break, dull, and become compromised. The wear on augers is inevitable. Because of this, Jeffrey Machine offers complete auger repair services on all types and sizes of auger equipment. We can rebuild your existing auger to nearly as brand new as the day you purchased it, or you may purchase a new auger from our highly qualified staff of salespeople. Whatever auger maintenance service you choose, our goal is complete customer satisfaction through constant support and communication. Finding the right auger equipment requires very specific details to match them with the correct job, so don’t be afraid to lean on the knowledge of our experts.

With more than four decades in business, Jeffrey Machine offers auger maintenance services to help your equipment last longer. Proper care and maintenance are also important for ensuring your equipment continues to function as intended and minimize potential hazards from auger equipment breaking. We reconstruct augers at our 150,000-square-foot facility in Birmingham, AL, but you can ship your equipment from anywhere in the country, and we’ll ship them back to you. Let us handle your auger and flighting repairs, so you can rest assured they get done right and within a timely manner.

When you start to notice wear on your auger or flighting, consider our rebuild and maintenance services. Our auger repair services return your equipment to its original condition. Don’t let your operation suffer due to outdated or poorly maintained tools that have become ineffective or hazardous to operate. Work with the experts at Jeffrey Machine to find out what we can do for you. Contact us today for more information about rebuilding or replacing your auger tools whenever necessary.