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Anchor Tools

Based in Birmingham, AL, Jeffrey Machine has been a leader in foundation and utility auger manufacturing since 1977. We provide anchor tools for a variety of drilling conditions. We craft tools with enhanced capabilities in our 150,000-square-foot warehouse, and each product goes through engineering and field studies to ensure they meet or exceed standards. 

With innovations like the locking dog assembly and specially designed Kelly bar adapters and extensions, our anchor tools offer improved and superior performance across all drilling scenarios. Our adaptors and anchor tools give you the reliability you need for efficient operations. 

We carry a quality collection of equipment to make drilling safer and easier by providing greater stability and grip to the surface you’re drilling into. With our adapters, Kelly bar adaptors, locking dog assembly, and other anchor tools, you can successfully handle any application. Check out our selection of tools for anchoring drilling applications, and shop Jeffrey Machine equipment now. If you have any questions or need help finding the right anchor tools for your needs, feel free to reach out to us. Our staff will be happy to help you determine exactly what you need.   

12 Bolt Locking dog
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Twelve ⅝” holes on a 7⅝” bolt circle. Includes twelve ⅝” bolts, nuts and lockwashers...
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For 10,000 ft. lb. maximum installing torque. Each of these Kelly bar adapters has six holes for ½” bolts on a 5¼” bolt circle and comes with six ½” grade 5 bolts, nuts and lock washers, and bent arm pin with coil lock...
Kelly Bars
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With or without hubs.*Custom lengths and combinations of hubs and kelly bars available25010: 2" hex hub x 2" hex bar 48" long25075: 2-1/2" hex hub x 2-1/2" hex bar 72" long25085: 2-5/8" hex hub x 2-1/2" hex bar 72" long25120: 2-1/2" hex hub x 2-5/8" hex bar 72" long25130: 2-..
Locking Dog Replacement Kit
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Locking dog replacement kit includes parts necessary to replace both locking dogs...
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Standard Locking Dog Assembly Standard Locking Dog Assembly
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Has six ½” holes on 5¼” bolt circle, and includes six ½” grade 5 bolts, nuts and lock washers...
Ex Tax:$1,135.19
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