Jeffrey Machine attended IFCEE (International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo) in early March 2018 in Orlando Florida. The show attracts companies and individuals in the drilling foundation industry who come to see the newest, most advance tooling and technology available.

According to Tracy Phifer, Jeffrey Machine’s Marketing Manager, they brought some of their most popular tools to the show including a 120” auger, 108” Belling tool, 72” Core Barrel, 96” HD Drilling Bucket, and BETEK teeth. Between Jeffrey Machine’s Booth and other Rig Manufactures we had a total of 22 Tools on display. “We love being able to show the different tools we make for stock and showcasing what we can customize at these shows, it gives new customers a glimpse at what we can do for them” said owner Jeffrey Sager.

 “We also get the chance to talk one on one with current customers and learn how to improve our products or what they may be needing in the field. Just recently, we were one of three companies named in the US to work with BETEK GmbH& Co. KG- a leading global manufacturer of wear parts incorporating tungsten carbide. It is an honor to work with BETEK and offer this product to our customers,” Sager added.  Jeffrey Machine’s ability to listen and understand their customers and deliver each of them the right tools is at the core of why they’ve grown from a small machine shop to one of the leading drilling manufacturers in the world according to Sager.

Jeffrey Machine’s state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham, Alabama, uses both standard and proprietary equipment, including a game-changing Plate Roll that greatly increases their capacity to quickly roll cylinders of up to two-inch thick material up to 10 feet long, in diameters as small as two feet and as large as 15 feet, making it perfect for barrels, cylinders and coring products that need a quick turnaround from shop floor to job site. This custom Plate Roll was a substantial investment that greatly improved the factory’s ability to be more responsive to customers’ needs and created new areas of potential expansion into new markets.

Working side-by-side with customers, Jeffrey Machine continues to create innovative drilling tools with enhanced capabilities that stand up to the unique demands of each job. Development of each Jeffrey Machine product is the result of extensive field study and an enduring commitment to constantly improve the safety and performance of every product.

From dirt and rock augers, CFA and core barrels, to a full line of utility augers, revolutionary Dragon’s Tooth® Rock Cutting System, and much more, their custom manufactured tools are designed to devour the densest rock, eliminate project downtime, and reduce wear-associated costs. In addition, Jeffrey Machine takes pride in having a large inventory of wear parts and components for the drilling tool industry.

Last year, Jeffrey Machine opened a second office in Euless, Texas.  Now when a customer orders a part, it can ship from the warehouse closest to them, so that it arrives in a timelier manner and keeps customer’s down-time to a minimum. “We are adding more and more stock tools to our warehouse in Texas- making it more efficient to get them out the door” says Sager.

2018 is going to be an exciting year for Jeffrey Machine with lots of trade shows.  The biggest was IFCEE, and in September, they will host DROS (Drill Rig Operators School) at their Birmingham location. Growth of business being done in the Texas location as well as growing online sales will be major focuses for this year. For more information about the complete line of Jeffrey Machine tooling, visit