Keeping on schedule and being productive is necessary when working on a construction site or work zone. However, the tools we use, such as augers, can experience wear and tear that could harm production. When your auger is damaged, you must determine whether to rebuild or replace the tool to get back on track with your construction project. If you’re struggling to decide what is best for your auger, consider the factors below.

Identify the Issues

In order to determine the best way to fix your auger—repairing parts or purchasing a new tool—you must identify the issues you’re having. Does your auger vibrate or “walk” during use? Is the gearbox preventing the tool from rotating?

If your tool isn’t rotating at all, it’s likely the gearbox. Repairing this part can cost almost as much as buying a new auger. When the tool is “walking” itself, your flighting and blades are likely misaligned, which is an easy fix because you only need to adjust the parts! Once you get down to the issue, you can better understand whether to rebuild parts or replace the tool.

Rule of Thumb for Rebuilding vs. Replacing

There is a rule of thumb Jeffrey Machine goes by that makes it easier for the equipment operator to determine whether to rebuild or replace an auger. Generally, if the part you need to rebuild or replace costs more than 50 percent of a new auger, you should purchase a new tool because the price is likely comparable. It’s also best to replace the tool if two or more parts are damaged because the cost of rebuilding multiple components can add up quickly.

How Old Is Your Auger? What Condition Is It In?

Another factor that ties into your decision is the age of your auger and the kind of condition the tool is in. While there is no rule or limit to how long you can use an auger, you should keep an eye on how well the engine and motor are working. It doesn’t make sense to rebuild a bunch of parts only for it to fail because the engine is old. So, consider your auger’s overall health and longevity to decide whether to rebuild or replace it.

Should You Rebuild the Parts Yourself?

If you’re well versed in the knowledge of augers and feel confident in your skillset of rebuilding parts, you can do the repairs yourself. However, many individuals who are not qualified might attempt a rebuild or replacement only to damage the auger more. Jeffrey Machine auger manufacturing is happy to offer our repair services for all types and sizes of auger equipment. Consider sending your tool to us to ensure a successful repair.

Don’t use your auger if you notice any damage to the parts because you could set back your production schedule or create a dangerous work environment. Carefully inspect your tool to determine the issues, and consider sending your auger to Jeffrey Machine to repair it as quickly as possible. Remember, if it costs you more than 50 percent to rebuild, you’re better off investing in a new tool!