A utility vehicle on a job site helps workers carry small loads, tools, and equipment to make the job more straightforward and accessible. Typically, these vehicles are smaller trucks, or they can be smaller UTVs (utility terrain vehicles.) Add accessories to your utility vehicle for more functionality and versatility. Keep reading below for the best accessories to add to your UTV!

Kelly Bars

Kelly bars attach to the drill column on your auger tool. The purpose of this utility vehicle accessory is to transfer crowd force and torque to the drilling tool. This part works with lockable systems, such as a locking dog assembly, to reduce excessive wear and tear on this specific part. This device will provide better results when boring holes in the earth, so keep it handy on your UTV.

Anchor Tools

Speaking of locking systems and Kelly bars, other anchor auger tooling parts are excellent to have on board your UTV for easy access in a pinch. Anchor tools can help grip the surface you’re drilling for better stability and accuracy. Organize these tools in the back of your vehicle so you can easily attach or detach them from your machinery, depending on what you need for your particular application.

Cable Reels & Wire Baskets

If you do not organize the accessories for your utility vehicle, things can quickly become messy. It will be frustrating to dig through knots of cables and wires when you need something on the work site. A cable reel and wire basket to wind these accessories will leave more room in the bed of your UTV for other necessary parts and components.

Cable Steps

Consider installing cable steps to increase safety when getting in and out of your utility vehicle. Without this component, some UTVs might be higher off the ground, making them difficult to climb in and out of. Avoid worker injuries from falling out of the vehicle by providing extra space for them to place their feet to better ground themselves.

Replacement Auger Teeth

You never know when you might need replacement auger teeth on the job. Unfortunately, you will run into problems from time to time with the auger tool, and you may have to replace the teeth for better drilling. Prepare a selection of auger teeth on your utility vehicle so you can quickly exchange the broken components for new ones for better efficiency on the job.

Consider adding these accessories to your utility vehicle to make the jobs you perform on the work site much simpler, safer, organized, and straightforward. Keep all your auger equipment and construction tools handy in one location to make a job faster and smoother. Browse through Jeffrey Machines’ collection of accessories and tooling parts to equip your vehicle with high-quality, dependable accessories.