A dirt auger is vital in the construction industry for drilling holes through the earth. As the tool operator, you should know a few things about dirt augers so the tool can run efficiently. Familiarize yourself with the information in this article to ensure you treat your equipment correctly. Otherwise, you will encounter unexpected problems.

Clean the Auger Regularly

One thing you probably didn’t know about dirt augers is that when they’re dirty with mud and other debris, it can be quite difficult to see damage to the tool. For instance, the operator might miss a fluid leak somewhere on the tool because dirt covers it. Thoroughly clean this equipment after each use so it’s easier to inspect for damaged or missing parts.

Use Clean Fluids and Hydraulic Oil

All augers need transmission and engine oils to run properly. Top off these oil levels daily to ensure the attachment can run efficiently. Hydraulic-powered dirt augers and heavy-duty augers need clean hydraulic oil to run; dirty fluid can prematurely wear the inside components of your tool.

Be Conscious of the Flighting/Teeth

A dirt auger’s flighting determines how deep and wide the borehole will be. The teeth cut the earth as the tool rotates in the ground. New flighting and auger teeth create the best boreholes, but the results decline as these components wear down.

An eight-inch diameter auger with new flighting and teeth may be able to dig a 9.5-inch hole, enabling you to remove the tool from the earth easily. However, the hole’s diameter will shrink after using the tool multiple times. Here’s the bottom line: exchange your flighting and teeth on the tool when appropriate.

Keep an Eye on the Centrifugal Clutch

The centrifugal clutch is something you should know about dirt augers because it will likely lose function at some point in your construction season. A worn-out clutch affects the whole operation and performance of the tool. You can determine if this part is broken in two ways. First, it takes longer to dig boreholes than usual. Second, the auger doesn’t stop rotating when the engine is idling. Replace this component if you do notice low performance.

Repair and Rebuild With Jeffrey Machine

Jeffrey Machine has been serving auger repairs and rebuilds since 1977. We understand the equipment in the drilling industry will wear down the longer you use tools. Our repair and rebuild service can handle all types and sizes of augers. Send us your tool when you need maintenance; we can support your needs and ensure your attachment is running like new or help you find a replacement.

There are several things you need to know about a dirt auger. You must expect wear and tear the longer you use it because it’s going through rigorous efforts to drill holes into the earth. Jeffrey Machine is here to help if you find any major equipment concerns!