The boring process puts an incredible amount of stress on your augers that will inevitably wear down the teeth. For this reason, it’s important that you know how to easily and efficiently replace your auger’s teeth so that you can resume the boring without skipping a beat. Here are some must-know tips for replacing auger teeth.

Removing the Auger Teeth

The first tip for replacing worn auger teeth is knowing how to remove them effectively. There are two commonly used tools for tooth removal: a U-shaped bullet tooth puller to fit inside the removal groove and a knockout punch. Once you have confirmed you’re using the correct size bit puller, insert the U-shaped end into the removal groove. Next, use a hammer to hit the back side of the bit puller away from the tool. This will compress the band or retainer ring located on the tooth and allow the tooth to slide out of the holder.

When using a knockout punch, you will position the auger so you can access the backside of the teeth. Place the tip of the punch on the back of the tooth, and with just a few swings of a hammer, the retainer ring will compress. The style of tooth will always determine which style removal tool is required.

Installing New Auger Teeth

To begin the actual installation, place the auger so that the head is easily accessible and ensure it is firmly secured in place. This will prevent the auger from falling while you’re working and potentially damaging your equipment or injuring you.

Take your auger’s new teeth, place them in the pockets, and use a soft head mallet to firmly knock them into place. Using a hard head hammer will shatter the tips of your auger’s new teeth, drastically compromising their performance.

Additional Components

During the installation process, there is room for customization to improve or augment the performance of your auger and its teeth. For example, you can use bullet teeth holders to help an auger better fracture rock, hard or frozen soil, or contaminated fill dirt. With this superior performance, you’ll get more out of bullet teeth than if you were to constantly swap out new flat teeth.

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