The process of drilling a foundation can be dangerous. Not only does it require heavy machinery, which always presents a hazard, but your team may need to contend with environmental factors or existing gas and power lines. To ensure your project proceeds smoothly, here are five foundation safety tips for your next drilling project.

Hazard Analysis

The pre-task hazard analysis is a part of the project planning process that identifies and brings awareness to known and obvious hazards surrounding the job. Furthermore, you’ll take stock of your equipment, first aid kits, and emergency contacts to ensure you’re prepared to act in case of an accident.

Once the hazard analysis is complete, it’s important to clearly communicate the results to every member of the team. This will ensure everyone knows what is important to get done for the day and what precautions they should take.

Personal Protective Equipment

Speaking of equipment, you need to ensure your team members all have the required safety gear available to them before working. Refer to OSHA guidelines for guidance on what workers need to be safe when operating in an industrial workplace. Some of the most basic equipment includes hard hats, high-visibility clothing, and safety rails to help prevent injuries.

Equipment Inspection

Before putting your drills to work, you should perform an inspection of your machinery and equipment. Foundation drilling augers undergo the most stress, as they are in direct contact with the soil and rock underneath. A dull auger is not only ineffective, but could potentially cause other issues like overtaxing the machine’s engine and cause it to break down.

Site Inspection

While you will have made your hazard analysis, it’s still necessary to ensure the worksite is in good condition and doesn’t have any hidden hazards that were missed. The worksite should remain clear of any debris and loose materials. Elevated platforms need to have handrails and toe boards to prevent falls that would result in grievous harm. During the course of the project, you should also supply the proper containers to store combustibles, trash, and oil rags.

Safety Protocol Review

Finally, and perhaps the most important foundation safety tip for your drilling project, make sure you keep your team up to date on safety protocols. Even if you’ve reviewed them before with your team, it’s a good idea to continue to do so to ensure everyone is on the same page. The most common cause of accidents is negligence.