Finding the correct tool for a job application is essential for a project’s success. Specifically, this is very important when purchasing an auger because various types are available for different applications. You never want to utilize the wrong tool for your job. Keep reading to understand what professionals need to know when choosing an auger for their construction duties.

What Types of Tasks Do You Need the Auger For?

Augers are great tools for drilling holes for foundations, boring holes into rugged rock or dirt, and mixing soil. The auger you purchase will depend on the type of tasks you plan to perform. For instance, when drilling through rock or concrete, it is best to use a heavy-duty foundation auger. Therefore, your selection of the auger is highly important. Consider the job functions you’ll be performing on the construction site and which types of augers can help further the success of these applications.

How Often Do You Plan on Using the Auger?

The second most important factor you should remember when finding an auger is how often you plan to use it. If you only need the tool for one or two tasks on a job site, then it may be best to rent the equipment instead of owning it. Furthermore, if you need the tool for more rigorous tasks, you can benefit the most from a heavy-duty auger. Keep in mind the number of times you’ll need this equipment to successfully perform a job task. It’s always recommended to invest in a high-quality auger that can withstand the demands of the job.

Are You Getting the Most Value for Your Money?

At Jeffrey Machine, we make our tools with precision in mind to ensure our customers receive quality equipment.

In addition to the above questions, professionals must understand the different components of an auger when choosing one and the types of add-ons you may need to carry out a job. Have knowledge of these aspects before shopping around. This way, you can better compare the different types. Jeffrey Machine is your full-service shop for augers, repairs, and other equipment related to this machinery. We can customize a tool for any job and offer a wide variety of tooling ready to rent. Contact us today, and we’ll help get you the right tool for your job.