To successfully stabilize a structure, you will need to install a utility anchor in the earth. You will require a few tools to carry out the job and ensure the application goes smoothly. Take a look below at the tools that are essential for a utility anchor system.

Kelly Bars and Hex Kelly Bar Adapters

Kelly bars are used in conjunction with the auger to help drill holes at a greater depth. They can also help you place the utility anchors at this depth. Hex adapters and locking dog assemblies, when attached to your Kelly bar extensions, allow you to use the anchor tooling to its maximum potential to successfully install an anchor. Without these tools, you wouldn’t be able to drive the anchor into the earth.

Pro tip: Verify that the Kelly bar’s dimensions match the size of your adapter, or else the tools might not work together.

Drive Wrench

Complete your system of tools needed to install a utility anchor with a drive wrench. This wrench transmits the torque from the Kelly bar to further drive the anchor into the ground. You could also use a drive tool for installing SS- and RR-type anchors.

Utility Anchors

You can’t install a utility anchor without the proper anchor tools. Once you’ve set the utility anchor and attached the guide wire to the anchor rod, your utility pole or structure will be stabilized. Ensure you have some anchors on hand when you’re tasked with installing them so that you can quickly and safely perform the job.

Whenever your construction crew needs to install utility anchors, you will need these anchor tools close by to carry out these jobs appropriately. Build a complete system of tools to ensure you have everything you need when it’s time to place these anchors into the ground. Browse the tools available at Jeffrey Machine if you need more components for your system.