When you use a utility or ground anchor in construction, these tools act as stabilizers for foundations without a concrete-filled post hole. To install a utility anchor, you must use the correct equipment in the suitable ratings for the job you’re performing. Use Jeffrey Machine’s guide below to ensure you have the proper equipment to place ground anchors successfully.

Auger Adapters

First, in order to be able to place an anchor, you need an adapter attached to your auger tool. These adapters should fit snuggly into the pilot bit hole. The best adapter anchor tools include, but are not limited to, all-in-one adapters, no-wrench, Kelly bar, or backyard. Each adapter can eliminate the need to remove the auger tool to install the utility anchors for an easier application.

Locking Dog Assembly

In most cases, you want a tool that makes installing a utility anchor easy and effortless—and a locking dog assembly does just that. This component installs power drive anchors and is used simultaneously with other products on this list to place an anchor in the ground securely.

Torque Indicator

A torque indicator is placed between the adapter and the locking dog assembly to calibrate the auger tool to the correct dimensions for the utility anchor. This is typically used for high-strength anchors because you need more torque to drive them into the ground.

Drive Wrench

A drive wrench works in conjunction with the locking dog assembly to place power drive anchors into the ground. This component on the auger tool will physically go into the ground to place the anchor. The anchor attaches to the end of the wrench and deploys into the earth at the correct time.

Large Excavator

For larger construction projects, your auger tool is usually mounted to a large excavator to install an anchor properly. You may not need this machine for every application, but you will need to utilize one to ensure a more efficient job for larger building projects.

Take into consideration the type of job you’re performing to determine the correct equipment to install these ground and utility anchors. Jeffrey Machine has various anchor tools available to successfully place these anchors in the ground. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding questions about these tools and specifics surrounding your building project to ensure you’re selecting the correct tools for the job.