Failing to have the right equipment on a construction site could harm the progress and success of the project. While each job will call for different machines, there are a few must-have tools that are helpful in all forms of construction. Ensure the work on the project goes off without a hitch by owning and utilizing the following equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment is the most important gear and tool you can provide your employees. PPE is vital in keeping workers safe in a construction zone—one should never skip wearing this because it could save their life. This gear includes safety glasses, hard hats, steel-toed boots, gloves, and ear protection.

Tow-Truck or Tractor

A versatile vehicle in construction is a two-truck or tractor so you can move or tow equipment around the worksite. If the materials you tow aren’t as heavy or demanding as industrial equipment, you would only need a tow truck. If you need more horsepower or a diesel vehicle, a tractor is your best bet because it can smoothly and quickly move objects around the site.

Pick-Up Truck & Crane Mount

When you need to hoist materials from one elevation to another, you will need a crane. A large tower crane won’t always be necessary for smaller-scale projects. However, you will need to lift materials occasionally, and a pick-up truck with a crane mount could perform this job. This also gives you a two-for-one deal—when you no longer need the crane, you can remove the mount and utilize the truck bed for a different function.

Backhoe With Bucket

A backhoe includes a digging mechanism on the backside of the machine. This must-have equipment can move dirt, dig trenches, load materials, and perform small demolition projects. You may even remove the bucket and replace it with hammers or augers. Jeffrey Machine can ensure success on your construction site with our selection of foundation augers for sale.

Bulldozer Machines

Lastly, a bulldozer is a helpful crawler machine that is great for pushing and removing soil and rock from a section of the construction zone. Bulldozers quickly and efficiently clear the worksite so employees can continue their work in a timely manner. An attachment on the back of the machine works wonders for breaking up asphalt and concrete.

Do not back your staff in a corner by forcing them to use the wrong type of tool or machine for the task at hand. Other tools you may need to invest in are excavators, graders, and loaders. Have these common tools on your construction site to ensure every project’s success.