The quality of work that your construction or contracting company does, like drilling holes for a foundation, is directly impacted by the type of equipment you use. With numerous suppliers on the market, finding the best auger for your application can be difficult. To ensure you’re making the right choice for your business, consider the following factors when choosing an auger manufacturer.

Quality Assurance

The better the equipment, the better the work you’ll produce. Find a supplier that regularly tests their products to ensure they run smoothly and have no defects. At Jeffrey Machine, we put our augers through field studies to test the engineering design to assure our clients that our products are of the highest standard. You can also look up reviews to see how satisfied previous clients were with the manufacturer.

Expertise & Experience

It is always best to find a supplier in auger manufacturing with years of experience and expertise. Newer companies may not have all of the qualities you’re looking for in a manufacturer because they are still getting their footing in the industry. Without experience, the equipment may not be professionally made, which could lead to the need for repairs or replacement parts. With 45 years of experience in the tooling industry, Jeffrey Machine can help you find exactly what you need for the job.

After-Sale Services & Warranties

A significant factor to consider when choosing an auger manufacturer is if the company offers a warranty or after-sale repair service. This is extremely helpful if and when your equipment breaks down in the future. A supplier that continues to support their customers after a purchase is a reputable source to buy from because they care about their clients.

Furthermore, is there a warranty for the product? Jeffrey Machine has a 30-day warranty for our augers, but you must send them to us to fix, or the warranty will be void.


Not every product you find at a manufacturer will have the same features. Therefore, the price can vary. Before making a decision, be clear about what you need from this tool to fulfill your job duties.

Other factors you could consider when finding a manufacturing company are customer service, communication, certifications, and the supplier’s reputation. Take your time when choosing new equipment for your business. Making a hasty decision could lead to more issues down the road. At Jeffrey Machine, our expert sales team can help you find the exact tool you need for the job.