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30 Sep Auger Selection Guide: How To Choose the Best Drilling Auger
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It’s never easy to refit your team with the industrial equipment they need to bore into the earth. While finding a reliable supplier is a good first step, there are a ton of specific aspects and detai..
26 Sep What To Consider When Choosing an Auger Manufacturer
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The quality of work that your construction or contracting company does, like drilling holes for a foundation, is directly impacted by the type of equipment you use. With numerous suppliers on the mark..
23 Sep Must-Have Equipment for a Successful Construction Project
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Failing to have the right equipment on a construction site could harm the progress and success of the project. While each job will call for different machines, there are a few must-have tools that are..
21 Sep Helpful Tips for Measuring Auger Flighting
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Auger flighting, or the rotating helical screw blade that makes these drills so iconic, is important for moving dirt, liquids, and more out of the way while boring into the earth or moving materials. ..
13 Sep Must-Know Tips for Replacing Bladed Auger Teeth
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The boring process puts an incredible amount of stress on your augers that will inevitably wear down the teeth. For this reason, it’s important that you know how to easily and efficiently replace your..
31 Aug What Is Horizontal Auger Boring & How Does It Work?
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Outside of experts in the field, not many people fully comprehend what horizontal auger boring is and how it works. The process involves trenchless excavation used to excavate boreholes under the Eart..
29 Jul Helicoid Flighting vs. Sectional Flighting Augers
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Augers are critical for drilling into surfaces in order to convey materials. To get the most out of your auger, however, you need to know what kind of blades—also called auger flighting—you should use..
28 Jul 5 Foundation Safety Tips for Your Next Drilling Project
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The process of drilling a foundation can be dangerous. Not only does it require heavy machinery, which always presents a hazard, but your team may need to contend with environmental factors or existin..
05 Jul 3 Signs You Need Replacement Auger Teeth
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How effective and efficient your drill performs depends entirely on the auger teeth and their condition. Maintaining your bullet teeth and knowing when to finally replace them is one of the most cruci..
10 Jun Things To Look For in a High-Quality Auger
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An auger’s primary function is to drill holes, whether they’re in wood for carpenters, soil for gardeners, or foundations for construction. These holes play a critical role in all these industries, so..
11 Jan Jeffrey Machine at The Utility Expo
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Jeffrey Machine attended the 2021 Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky from September 28 - 30. With over 3200 square feet of display space, we were able to show our newest, toughest tools. Check out ..
28 May IFCEE Interview with Gabby Sager
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Click Here to view interview with Gabby Sager..
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