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25 Apr Top Tips for Maintaining Your Auger Blades
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There is no tool in construction that you can use without it needing maintenance or cleaning. Maintaining these tools is essential; otherwise, the equipment cannot function to its full extent. This br..
24 Apr 5 Things You Should Know About Augers
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A dirt auger is vital in the construction industry for drilling holes through the earth. As the tool operator, you should know a few things about dirt augers so the tool can run efficiently. Familiari..
21 Apr The Difference Between Friction and Interlocking Kelly Bars
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Kelly bars are necessary tools in hydraulic rotary drilling rigs to make boreholes in the earth. You can use two types of kelly bars for this task: friction and interlocking. Keep reading to learn the..
21 Apr Everything You Need To Know About Helical Pier Anchors
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One of the most important aspects of building construction is to have a supportive foundation. Without the foundation, you cannot build or support a structure. However, sometimes you may need to suppo..
07 Mar Should You Rebuild or Replace Your Auger?
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Keeping on schedule and being productive is necessary when working on a construction site or work zone. However, the tools we use, such as augers, can experience wear and tear that could harm producti..
27 Feb Everything You Need To Know About Foundation Drilling
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Foundation drilling is one of the most essential methods construction businesses use. Without it, we wouldn’t see the development of large office buildings, bridges, or skyscrapers. What is foundation..
23 Feb What Causes Excessive Wear on Rock Augers?
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An individual or construction crew might need a rock auger to drill through hard or rocky soil. The harder soil can damage the attachment from time to time. However, knowing the causes of excessive we..
31 Jan Signs It's Time for New Auger Flighting
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When you purchase a tool, you know that the longer and more often you use it, the more likely it will experience wear and tear. The same goes for auger flighting. It’s an essential part of drilling ho..
24 Jan How Soil Conditions Can Affect Auger Boring
JeffreyMachine 0 1823
Soil will not be the same on every work site—one day, you might be boring holes through rock, and the next, you will be dealing with soft and sandy soil. The soil condition in the construction zone wi..
23 Jan The Complete Guide to Different Types of Augers
JeffreyMachine 0 1984
In this complete guide to different types of augers, you will learn what tooling is best for certain ground conditions. Contractors will come together to determine which auger is appropriate for the n..
05 Jan The Tools You Need To Install a Utility Anchor
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To successfully stabilize a structure, you will need to install a utility anchor in the earth. You will require a few tools to carry out the job and ensure the application goes smoothly. Take a look b..
21 Dec 5 Best Tips for Using Digger Derricks Safely
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Digger derricks are versatile tools used in construction and utility work to dig holes and handle various materials. Using digger derricks safely is vital for preventing injury to workers and damage t..
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