An auger’s primary function is to drill holes, whether they’re in wood for carpenters, soil for gardeners, or foundations for construction. These holes play a critical role in all these industries, so your augers must be of quality make. Here are a few things to look for in a high-quality auger.

Define the Job

When it comes to auger tooling solutions, the criteria you judge augers on will depend on the job you need it for. You’ll notice that the design of augers can vary wildly depending on the industry they’re in. This makes sense because they can exist as small hand-held gardening augers to the massive machine-operated augers for foundation drilling. Once you’ve identified your needs, you’ll be able to slim down your options dramatically to augers that possess the right traits and designs. At Jeffrey Machine, you’ll find that we offer industrial augers suited for drilling through dirt, rock, and more in foundational drilling.

Auger Blades

Two physical traits to look for in an auger are the width and length of the blades. These will determine the depth and width of the holes it creates, with a longer blade resulting in a deeper hole and a larger diameter creating a wider hole. These qualities will be crucial in ensuring you buy an auger capable of fulfilling your needs.


Augers are heavy-duty tools that undergo lots of stress and pressure to fulfill their purpose. As a result, you should prioritize durability to ensure you don’t receive an auger that dulls or breaks on you. User reviews are often a good place to gauge the durability of an auger without trying it yourself. However, every auger will eventually dull. But something to look for in a high-quality auger is the ability to send the auger in for repair and have it restored to a state that’s nearly as good as new.