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Shim Boxes
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Shim Boxes
Shim Boxes
Shim Boxes

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*All Jeffrey Machine Inc. standard shim boxes are fabricated and CNC machined to fit our  Jeffrey Machine  Inc. drive box. 

And are not guaranteed to fit another manufacturer's drive box. Let us know if you need a custom fabricated shim box to fit a different manufacturer's drive box.

98350X300SB: 3-1/2" TO 3" SHIM BOX

98525X350SB: 5-1/4" TO 3-1/2" SHIM BOX

98525X400SB: 5-1/4" TO 4" SHIM BOX

98525X425SB: 5-1/4" TO 4-1/4" SHIM BOX

98700X130SB: 7" TO 130MM SHIM BOX

98700X525SB: 7" TO 5-1/4" SHIM BOX

98700X600SB: 7" TO 6" SHIM BOX

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