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Dirt Augers

Dirt Drill Soil Augers

Jeffrey Machine specializes in providing auger attachments and tools to use foundation drilling. Particularly, we specialize more in dirt augers that help drill through tough soil conditions with ease. These attachments are perfect for various construction and landscaping projects that require precise and efficient drilling. We have a great selection of auger attachments for drilling through soil and dirt—whether you're drilling through rocky terrain or softer soil, we have the tools you need. When you’re ready, call our customer representatives to learn more about our dirt augers and how they can be the best investment you make this year! Lean on Jeffrey Machine for support, a leading and trusted name in foundation drilling equipment. 

Dirt Auger Dirt Auger
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Commonly Requested Diameters: 14″– 144″ *Type: Type 6Cut: DC/DF, DC/SF, SC/SFKelly boxes: All boxes made to customer specificationsCenter Shaft: 4″ OD – 12″ OD➤ Solid shaft available in some sizesFlight: 1″ – 2″ thick available➤ All flight ID is beveled for better weld penetrationWear Protection: Ha..
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