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Digger Derrick Parts

Digger Derrick Parts and Accessories

Jeffrey Machine produces top-quality drilling tools and equipment in Birmingham, AL. Since 1977, we’ve specialized in augers and Derrick drilling parts that improve your operations. Made locally in the United States, we run engineering and field tests to guarantee quality and efficiency in everything we design, earning us worldwide acclaim that sets us above the rest.  

Our post hole digger auger parts are designed for Derrick drilling systems that you can use with heavy utility vehicles. From teeth and holders to pilot bits and drill heads, our selection of digger derrick accessories range in size and price. Customize your auger with our derrick parts and accessories. Be sure to check out our wide selection to find what you need, or contact us today for more information. 

4¾" Carbide Pilot (2⅜" API Thread)
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Best used in solid, non-fracturable rock..
Ex Tax:$200.37
5” Carbide Tipped Drill Head
In Stock
5” diameter carbide tipped drill head is best used in concrete, stone, and frozen ground..
Ex Tax:$217.14
Carbide Gauge Tooth 1658 Carbide Gauge Tooth 1658
Hot In Stock
➤ Highly abrasive soil..
Ex Tax:$28.70
Consolidated Rock/Abrasive Soil Pilot FH-205 HFTC
Hot In Stock
➤ Hard faced both sides➤ Impact possible..
Ex Tax:$77.05
Dragon Shank Kits Dragon Shank Kits
New Free In Stock
Includes shank plates for Dragon’s teeth, the teeth and pilots..
Hex Couplers
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2½” Hex x 2½” Hex Coupler pictured..
Impact, hard Faced Tooth 1650 HFFTC Impact, hard Faced Tooth 1650 HFFTC
Hot Out Of Stock
Abrasive soilImpact, hard faced with carbide chips on two sides..
Ex Tax:$10.57
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