Single Open Rock Drilling Bucket

Commonly Requested Diameters:
14″– 144″
Kelly boxes: All Kelly boxes made to customer specifications
Barrels: Cylinders up to 2” wall available
Barrels undersized to meet max cut specifications
Barrel height: Specified by customer
Betek Conical Carbide Teeth & Pilot Options:
.990 Standard (30122)
.990 Dragon’s Tooth® (30145)
.990 Tri holder (32042)
➤.990 Pilot 2½” Square (40205)

38mm B47K19LK80-H (30182)
38mm Dragon’s Tooth® (30188)
38mm Tri-holder (32064)
RP-4 Machined Pilot (40285)

Dump Bottom System (Auto or Manual).
Custom sizes greater than 144” available upon request.

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