Dump Bottom Clean Out Bucket

Commonly Requested Diameters: 16″– 144″ *
Kelly boxes: All Kelly boxes made to customer specifications
➤ 1″ thick (thicker upon request)
➤ Height specified by customer
Top Plate: 1″ thick material with 1″ gussets
➤ Thicker material upon request
Wear Protection: For additional hard surface options, see page 10
Bottoms: 1½” thick grade 50 steel mid & bottom plate
Type: Spin & dump bottom
Style: Our design allows for both auto & manual dump for all sizes 30″ and larger. Manual opening only for any tools smaller than 30″.
Opening Options:
➤ Single Opening 16″ and larger diameter
➤ Double Opening 60”and larger
Custom sizes greater than 144” available upon request.

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